Rafael Garcin

Gameplay - Fullstack - Blockchain

About me

I'm a Gameplay Programmer and a Game Designer. I design games and I program them.

I'm also a Fullstack developer. I make websites, both front-end and back-end.

I make web apps for Android or iOS, using Cordova or Ionic.

I worked on Blockchain projects interacting with the Ethereum Blockchain.



I manage web servers to distribute and run my projects.

I play around with graphic shaders and other technologies for fun.

About my work

A brief story about me A brief story about me
Learning my way up Learning my way up
I know the future I know the future
Computable things I've created Computable things I've created
Me on the world wide web Me on the world wide web
Where I used my skills Where I used my skills

About my skills


  • C#
  • PHP (+ MySQL)
  • Javascript
  • Haxe
  • C++
  • NodeJS
  • GO, Python, AS3 ...


  • Ionic, Cordova, Electron
  • Shadertoy
  • MaterializeCSS
  • Google Analytics, Unity Analytics
  • Google Play Console, Itunes Connect
  • Facebook API
  • Firebase
  • PixiJS
  • SFML

About my projects

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